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How we
can help your patient

We work closely with highly renowned consultant cardiologists, psychiatrists, psychologist, psychotherapists, personal trainers, sport rehabilitation specialists and holistic therapists. Our method and protocols were created with the help and support of our medical doctors and partners.

Stress in one domain that will affect both our mind and body. Our method uses yoga as therapy to diminish the accumulated tension that has been created in the mind and stored in the body.

Symptomatic palpitations and / or ectopic beats triggered by anxiety or uncontrolled stress, can be lessened with different techniques such as Mindfulness, breath awareness exercises and other mind-body therapies.

Rhythmia Breath program aims to make the biggest impact by guiding our clients through simple, powerful shift in daily routine

Rhythmia Breath holistic approach supports our clients beyond their physical needs by helping them to move in the direction of health and balance.

These three techniques are precious and greatly used in our method. Through them we aim to navigate the unexplored corners of our Mind achieving a greater understanding of how some deeply rooted behaviour can alter our inner balance.

Rhythmia Breath offers the newest technology in VR for Cardiac care by offering the opportunity to transform tedious exercise based programs into fun programs filled with perceptual stimulation. Research has shown that Cardiac Rehabilitation programs using VR have more adherence, greater resistance and energy consumption during AR-augmented endurance training compared to normal Cardiac Rehabilitation programs.

Individualised and dedicated to our client’s specific needs, our method consist of specific types of physical activities that work on different health-related components.<br /> Our individualised approach is targeted to phase 2 and 3 in Cardiac Rehabilitation

% of customers completed our programmes
Worldwide Wellness Programme Locations
% success in the reduction of CVD (Cardiovascular Disease)
% of our customers will recommend Rhythmia Breath to friends and family