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The Method


Research, Evolution and Our Journey

The success of RhythmiaBreath lies in prioritizing behavioural changes that prove the adherence to other lifestyle interventions.


For the last 9 years, RhythmiaBreath has evolved from an exercise-based approach to a comprehensive programme focused on targetting all dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual.


At the heart of what we do

Years of customer experience and data collection have placed RhythmiaBreath at the vanguard of projects successfully combine process-oriented qualitative studies, with quantitative research.

We emphasize on identifying ‘the journey’ and customer evolution, and not only on the end goal. Our outcomes are measured with a passion for understanding how our customers achieve their success.


Shere, thank you very much. You simply changed my life. I became a therapist myself after receiving coaching from Shere in early 2018. I had depression and I was just diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. I avoided coaching and therapy for a very long time until my doctor recommended me to start physical exercise and psychological support. He referred me to Shere. He felt save as he knew she was a nurse, therapist and movement specialist. Our relationship has changed my life and I believe I do have now a coach as well as a friend.

Elena Lawyer and Counsellor

Sherezade is a wonderful practitioner, therapist and coach. We have worked together in a number of very complex projects in high-risk environments. She outstands in professionalism and it is always a pleasure having her as part of our international team.

Dr JB Consultant Psychiatrist

Having experienced many health practitioners throughout my life, I can say that Sherezade is one of the most professional and thorough practitioners I have worked with. She was referred to me by a medical doctor and since day one the service has been sensational. No one reaches the commitment and professionalism towards her clients as Sheri does. Sherezade organised a team and treatment plan from day one and immediately felt supported. I have received an exceptional service.

Mr Bradford Property Investor