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Sana Khan

Sana Khan
Nutritional Therapist Consultant
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Sana is a registered degree level Nutrition Consultant with a special interest in Anti–Ageing and Regenerative medicine.

Sana started her career as a full time nutrition consultant at the renowned Food Doctor clinic in Harley Street, where she worked with clients of all ages and backgrounds and assists them in meeting their health goals through efficient and practical dietary and lifestyle approaches. Sana also work alongside a dermatologist to help develop nutrition and lifestyle strategies for various dermatological conditions. Having completed her degree in Nutritional Therapy, and with a background in Aesthetics, Sana has completed further post-graduate qualifications with the renowned American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and a further qualification in Neuro-Linguisting Programming. Aside from consulting individuals, Sana regularly writes for international and national magazines and newspapers such as the Evening Standard, Zest Magazine, Woman’s own, and has had a number of television appearances including London Live TV. Sana also holds an interest in writing for Aesthetic and Dermatology journals including Aesthetic Medicine Magazine, and regularly participates in professional development programmes globally including conferences and seminars. Sana is a member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT), the CNHC and an Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine. Additionally, Sana enjoys to hold Anti-Aging and Skin health workshops and has often been invited as a speaker for various health related events. Aside from consulting individuals, Sana regularly writes for international and national magazines and newspapers such as the Evening Standard, Zest Magazine, Woman’s own, and has had a number of television appearances. Sana has a special interest in fertility, pre-conceptual care and hormonal health. For her nutrition is more than fuelling the body with energy. Food is about nourishment to the mind, body and soul. Every one of us has a unique relationship with food. This can affect our gut health, our mood, our cognitive function, energy, fertility and so on. And as all our body systems work in synergy, an imbalance can have a detrimental effect throughout the body. This is why nutrition is vital for cardiovascular health. In the Western world, there is an increased incidence of cardiovascular health concerns amongst the population, and this directly correlates with the obesity rates in the country. Working to promoting cardiovascular health includes diet and lifestyle such as exercising, deep breathing and relaxation. Supporting your organs and enriching the blood with oxygen and key nutrients is essential to support the cardiovascular system. Key nutrients involved in CVD health include omega 3 fats, and a range of nutrient dense vegetables. And it is advised to cut back on salty, processed foods fuelled with additives and preservatives, trans fats and saturated fats. A healthy BMI is strongly recommended alongside regular exercise.

Specialty Nutritional Therapist Consultant

Shere, thank you very much. You simply changed my life. I became a therapist myself after receiving coaching from Shere in early 2018. I had depression and I was just diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. I avoided coaching and therapy for a very long time until my doctor recommended me to start physical exercise and psychological support. He referred me to Shere. He felt save as he knew she was a nurse, therapist and movement specialist. Our relationship has changed my life and I believe I do have now a coach as well as a friend.

Elena Lawyer and Counsellor

Sherezade is a wonderful practitioner, therapist and coach. We have worked together in a number of very complex projects in high-risk environments. She outstands in professionalism and it is always a pleasure having her as part of our international team.

Dr JB Consultant Psychiatrist

Having experienced many health practitioners throughout my life, I can say that Sherezade is one of the most professional and thorough practitioners I have worked with. She was referred to me by a medical doctor and since day one the service has been sensational. No one reaches the commitment and professionalism towards her clients as Sheri does. Sherezade organised a team and treatment plan from day one and immediately felt supported. I have received an exceptional service.

Mr Bradford Property Investor