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Dr Nina Kumari

Dr Nina Kumari
Co-Founder and COO, RB Hub
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Nina is a medical doctor graduating from both University of Oxford and Imperial College London with Distinction.

After working in London based hospital, Nina felt disheartened by the lack of focus and support provided to patients to optimise their health outside acute admissions. This developed her itch to explore opportunities to help empower the population to take better control of their physical and mental health. Nina has worked and co-founded several dial health companies that have approached optimising the wellbeing of patient population groups. She worked for an early-stage startup delivering virtual outpatient care and helped roll out and highlight within NHS hospitals, the opportunity to deliver healthcare remotely safely and effectively. This included successfully piloting a teledermatology service at Guys Hospital to help support the overstretched department. Nina’s own ventures have included an on-demand digital service for expert parenting support as well as a tech-enabled service to support isolated older adults at home. Nina has advised a number of other digital health and biotech companies in terms of company strategy, market opportunity and product development. Having spent time caring for patients with acute cardiac conditions within the hospital, she recognised the need and the opportunity to empower these patients to regain greater control of their life and recovery at home.

Specialty Co-Founder and COO, RB Hub
Degrees Medical Doctor, MedTech Entrepreneur

Shere, thank you very much. You simply changed my life. I became a therapist myself after receiving coaching from Shere in early 2018. I had depression and I was just diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. I avoided coaching and therapy for a very long time until my doctor recommended me to start physical exercise and psychological support. He referred me to Shere. He felt save as he knew she was a nurse, therapist and movement specialist. Our relationship has changed my life and I believe I do have now a coach as well as a friend.

Elena Lawyer and Counsellor

Sherezade is a wonderful practitioner, therapist and coach. We have worked together in a number of very complex projects in high-risk environments. She outstands in professionalism and it is always a pleasure having her as part of our international team.

Dr JB Consultant Psychiatrist

Having experienced many health practitioners throughout my life, I can say that Sherezade is one of the most professional and thorough practitioners I have worked with. She was referred to me by a medical doctor and since day one the service has been sensational. No one reaches the commitment and professionalism towards her clients as Sheri does. Sherezade organised a team and treatment plan from day one and immediately felt supported. I have received an exceptional service.

Mr Bradford Property Investor