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Amrit Lotay

Amrit Lotay
Co-Founder RB Hub / CDO
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Over 16 years industry experience in Digital Transformation. Highly dedicated and forward thinking in Leadership, Strategy and Product Delivery. A visionary who loves to fix problems!

After graduating as an Economist over 16 years ago, Amrit managed to enter the world of Technology by mistake! After a few IT qualifications later and working her way from bottom-up, Amrit realised this is where she is meant to be. Having managed support teams in many different organisations in various industries, she moved into the world of Digital Transformation. This has required helping organisations transform from traditional to digital ways of working keeping their customers at the forefront and making digital integral to their strategy. A highly dedicated, enthusiastic, results-oriented and forward-thinking Delivery Transformation Manager. Extremely motivated to constantly develop new skills and grow professionally. Confident in ability to save organisations money, retain and grow key relationships, and improve service. A visionary who loves to fix problems. Amrit’s strengths are in the following areas: - Digital Transformation - Leadership and team management - Strategy, delivery and problem solving - Agile project management - Communication and networking - Working under pressure and multi-tasking - Understanding and delivering quality results - Business Analysis In addition to this Amrit loves carrying out volunteering work for businesses in need of help. And has owned her own boutique where she designed and produced fully customised Indian bridal wear and has set up a new brand for customised tailored menswear. She also is a member of a Martial Arts club and a trustee of a charity.

Specialty Co-Founder RB Hub / CDO
Degrees Ecomonist, Business Analysis