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RhythmiaBreath Digital Therapeutics


First Holistic Cardiac Rehabilitation & Prevention Program in the UK

(CPD accreditation in progress)

We are thrilled to be offering the First Teacher Training in Yoga Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease and Cardiac Rehabilitation in the UK.

Taught by our Founder and Arrhythmia specialist Sherezade Ruano, this comprehensive training will prepare students to deliver mind-body based interventions such as yoga and movement therapy, mindfulness and meditation to people with cardiovascular disease and in cardiac rehabilitation.


Transforming Heart disease prevention and rehabilitation through behaviour-based and clinical evidence Digital Therapeutics

‘Personalising the patient pathway and improving clinical outcomes through Digital Therapeutics.’

RhythmiaBreath is working on a Digital Therapeutic platform to develop data-driven, bespoke programmes and tools for the prevention and rehabilitation of cardiovascular disease and mental well-being. 

The platform will enable patients to achieve their desired outcomes and goals with behavioural changes promoting adherence to other lifestyle changes. 

Our platform has been selected by the Swiss Healthcare Startup to become one of the very few internationals projects invited to be based in Zurich.

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“We started Rhythmia.Hub with the belief that through science, technology and holism, we could improve and safe lives.”