Heart Rhythm Exercise (HRe ™)

1-off peak session or 6-sessions

Heart Rhythm Exercise prescription package is an excellent opportunity for clients who can’t commit to Cardiac Rehabilitation but still want to receive the benefits of our method.


Exercise and physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. People who have heart rhythm disorders known as arrhythmias, should not avoid exercise but it is encouraged to keep an active heart.   

HRe ™ combines the physical assessment of the recommended guidelines in cardiac rehabilitation from the British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation (BACR) with our own yoga therapy principles of examination and assessment, which include:

  1. Postural assessment and tension-holding habits
  2. Breath assessment
  3. Proprioception and balance
  4. Body-Breath awareness at rest and during exercise
  5. Symptoms of disharmony that can be either acute or chronic: structural or postural, disease or condition-related, and emotional.
  6. Prior to the first appointment, our clients should have confirmed with their doctor that they can commit to an exercise plan. Remember, not all palpitations or fast heart beat are caused by arrhythmias. Rhythmia Breath offers the opportunity to be referred to our trusted consultant cardiologist specialised in rhythm disorders. They will ensure that we are dealing with either an arrhythmia or simple episodes of slight fast rate which are not dangerous.

Heart Rhythm exercise prescription comprehensive assessment includes:

  • Hemodynamic assessment: blood pressure, heart rate, resting ecg, oxygen saturation, glucose test (if necessary)
  • Physical assessment: injuries, upper body, lower body and core strength, flexibility test, spinal alignment, body posture.
  • Screening for Low-Intensity Training
  • Screening for Higher Intensity Training: Clients who would like to exercise more intensively can choose between our yoga-based higher intensity sessions or our personal trainer (PT) sessions.
  • Breath assessment
  • High, weight, BMI
  • Future physical health goals