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Rhythmia Breath

Mental Wellbeing for NHS employees

Mental Wellbeing for NHS clinical staff: building resilience in times of uncertainty.

Understanding the role of healthcare professionals in the world
by Sherezade Ruano, Founder and CEO of RhythmiaBreath.


The NHS is one of the largest employers in the world: its 1.3 million staff in England and Wales care for 1 million patients every 36 hours – equivalent to 243 million patients each year. 

RhythmiaBreath NHS Wellbeing Programme has been carefully designed to offer support to the NHS employees and all healthcare professionals who could be exposed to develop PTSD, severe anxiety, shock and grief. The sessions are currently being held in two formats; on-site (following all recommendations by the WHO, and NHS guidelines of social distance and protection) and via our soon to launch online platform:

Improving the mental wellbeing of the NHS employees, especially clinical staff, needs to be implemented from top to down. In other words, from leadership and management to employees and patients. We have been immensely lucky to have found managers across the NHS to take the physical and mental health of their employees utterly serious. They have decided to make it a priority, and not just a future, almost forgotten promise. 


When carers need care 

We are facing times of tremendous uncertainty and despair. COVID-19 has broken many of us apart in many different ways. 

There is no need to remember that the NHS is a thoroughly saturated organization with millions of patients waiting to be seen, reassured or operated. This matter severely affects the mental and physical health of all NHS clinical staff, causing fatigue and burnout. 

The importance of the mental wellbeing of NHS staff can’t be overstated. Now, more than ever, it is time to take actions.


RhythmiaBreath team have been working exceptionally hard to create wellbeing programmes for NHS employees, making sure that we deliver what we preach. Our philosophy is bringing modern medicine and holistic practices for prevention and rehabilitation. It is now time to offer our resources and knowledge to all clinical staff who needs help. 


How are we delivering the programme: 

  • Our Mindfulness sessions will be provided both on-site (with the necessary protection) but primarily online. 
  • Movement therapy, such as yoga therapy, eccentric exercises and stretchings, will be taught in an introductory session and then lead via our online platform. 
  • The NHS employees will have manuals to practice autogenic relaxation and breathwork.
  • The programme contains information about PERMA training (Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment). The building blocks of Resilience and Growth. 
  • Finally, we will dwell into practices to activate the vagus nerve and work with the respiratory rate and heart rate. 
  • We aim to deliver sessions in which the body, the mind, and the heart, work in harmony in times of despair. 

We are proud to announce this exciting partnership with amazing leaders and manager who have turned a promise, into reality.


If you would like to receive more information, collaborate as a partner or take our training to any NHS employee across London, please email us to