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Rhythmia Breath

Heart Rhythm, Stress and Emotional Resilience

Mary Akangbe, from Zenit Global Health, interviews the Founder of RhythmiaBreath and Co-Founder of RB Hub Digital therapeutics, Sherezade Ruano.

Their podcast, Precious Moments, bring to the audience interviews with thought leaders, people making a difference in health and social care & share with you profiles of different healthcare professionals, their roles and contributions to the healthcare system Globally. We will also share tips, advice and support on various aspects of health and wellbeing.

In this episode, Sherezade shared with us amongst other facts, the interconnection between our Heart and Brain and how that affects our wellbeing. Neurocardiology- a process or art where all our emotions are registered in the heart and sent to the brain. The heart sends these messages regularly and several times a day, more than the brain sends to the heart. This is why the ‘mind-body therapy ‘is vital something which Rhythmiabreath focuses on both for healthcare professionals and the population as well as Rehabilitation. Did you know that the heart helps to segregate the hormones for happiness, fear, anxiety?

Listen to Sherezade Ruano, talking about healthcare and the current situation around the COVID-19 pandemic. She discussed the importance of mental wellbeing, resilience, and the power of evolution, both in life and business.

Listen to the full via Anchor–Stress-and-Emotional-Resilience-with-Sherezade-Ruano-ef1jgu and also in Spotify