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To deliver an affordable, convenient and holistic approach to rehabilitation and prevention care so that every individual feels empowered to improve their health and wellbeing.

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Why we started RhythmiaBreath

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Heart related issues affects 100s of millions of individuals around the globe. We recognise that dealing with health issues can instill a sense of fear and helplessness. Let us help and support you. 

500 million + individuals

The current health system is designed to treat disease, not to prevent illness

Our goal is to reduce fear by allowing individuals to feel guided, supported and motivated to manage their heart health at home.

As a result, people are reached too late in their health journey

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The RhythmiaBreath Method

The RhythmiaBreath Method was created by CEO, Sherezade Ruano, to oversee the treatment of patients and to support certain aspects of health that are often overlooked in current healthcare models.

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It is a unique method designed to treat beyond physical wellbeing with an equal focus on supporting mental and emotional wellbeing.

The Science Behind The Method

The Evidence

Mindfulness, deep breathing & meditation

In a 5 year study of 201 patients with known heart disease, it was found:

15 minutes of meditation a day reduced the risk of death, heart attack, and stroke by 48 per cent.

Similarly, an analysis of 23 controlled trials into heart disease determined that psychosocial interventions (such as meditation, breathing exercises, and physical relaxation techniques) improved the outcomes when they were added to cardiac rehabilitation programmes for patients with CHD.

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Exercise Through Yoga

Yoga is an indian mind-body discipline focused on more than extreme physical poses. Helping to inspire change in healthy behaviours through developing self control and discipline.
An analysis of 44 controlled trials into the effects of yoga in patients with risk or with established heart disease have shown yoga- based interventions to be associated with reductions in:

Heart and breathing rate
Waist circumference
Cholesterol levels
Blood sugar levels

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A trained physician graduating from University of Oxford and Imperial College London. Broad experience across digital health and biotech with a passion to empower patients to manage their overall health and wellbeing.

Sherezade Ruano

Dr Nina Kumari

Amrit Lotay

Meet The RhythmiaBreath Team

At RhythmiaBreath, we are a female founding team of go-getters, passionate about health.

The RhythmiaBreath team truly believes in reinventing healthcare by ensuring that each individual’s health needs are at the core of delivering care.

Clinical Advisors

Consultant Psychiatrist biological and cognitive-behavioural expert

Dr Alberto Pertusa

Psychothreapist and Executive coach

Noel McDermott

Hon Consultant Cadiologist

Dr Maria Angeles Alonso

Consultant Cardiologist, Preventive Cardiology and Best selling author

Dr Aseem Malhotra

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist

Dr Anan Jivaratnam

General Practitioner and TV Doctor

Dr Sara Kayat

A HealthTech Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CEO of RhythmiaBreath, a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Arrhythmia, and Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation expert. Trained as a therapist and leadership coach, working closely with a team of world-renowned experts in Cardiology, Respiratory Medicine, Rehabilitation and Mental Health.

Co-founder & CEO

Entrepreneur with over 20 years experience spanning multiple sectors, including Fintech, HealthTech, Retail, Central Government and many others, encompassing startups as well as scaleups. A dedicated, enthusiastic, results-oriented, forward-thinking businesswoman with expertise in digital transformation, strategy, product management and delivery. A visionary who is passionate about solving problems.

Co-founder & CDO

Co-founder & COO

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